Selective Program for Internships

This internship program is designed to provide qualified students in the Environmental/Civil engineering programs with additional engineering work experience outside of and in addition to the classroom environment. The program is intended to encourage paid internships; however, unpaid internship positions are also welcome, especially in public agencies and governmental offices where paid internships may not be available. In general, Environmental/Civil engineering internships ensure that interns get to learn the basics by doing and assisting senior engineers on real projects. The Department and the College of Engineering have determined that student placements with Employers are consistent with the goals and objectives of the curriculum and will enhance the program of study. We hope that before graduation, every qualified student will have the opportunity to have an internship experience. The Employers who participate in the program have determined that it is important for them to participate in Engineering Education to help the profession, to bolster and improve the workforce, and to assist in their quest to hire the best and brightest engineers in the future. For more information about this Internship Program and the U.A. Whitaker information please visit

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