Eagle EXPO  (FGCU Student Open House)                                      
Article By: Alexandra Corzine
The Florida Gulf Coast University hosts a biannual expo for prospective students to have an inside look at what is offered at the university. The Eagle EXPO is a wonderful opportunity for current students to share their experiences with prospective students. This opportunity allows for future students to ask questions and understand the academics, the experiences and the overall life as an Eagle at Florida Gulf Coast University. Each student attending the university has their own experience to express to these potential students taking the campus tours. This time which allows us, as current Eagles, to interact with these students and give them our experience, gives them proper preparation that they would not be able to access anywhere else.

Eagle EXPO in the engineering department is far different from anything one could ever experience. The four floors in the Engineering building have distinct laboratories for each of the four engineering disciplines offered at Florida Gulf Coast University. Each floor truly conveys a few of the amazing labs each discipline conducts under their curriculum through their core engineering principles. Florida Gulf Coast University’s engineering department offers more than just the required curriculum, they offer actual labs pertaining to the real world in preparation for life after graduation. As seen in the video, prospective students are able to see the hands-on experience that each and every student attending Florida Gulf Coast University partakes in multiple times throughout their tenure here. The Faculty and Staff of Florida Gulf Coast University take the time and commitment to make sure every experience is unique and allows students to be adequately prepared for life after graduation.

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