Meet The Organizations In Engineering at FGCU

The hallways were buzzing as FGCU’s newest class of engineering students went from room to room, frantically checking off their “passports”. As part of their assignment, they had to visit each of the engineering organizations as well as advising, to learn more about what goes on beyond the lecture halls. The university’s chapters of the Biomedical Engineering Society, American Society of Civil Engineers, and Florida Engineering Society were all in attendance; teaching the engineering college’s newest “Eagles” all about what they do best.

First on the “passport” was FGCU’s chapter of American Society of Civil Engineers, one of the most renowned engineering organizations on campus. Their president, Jason Subadan, discussed how their members break into teams and compete every year in events such as the Steel Bridge, Cardboard Regatta, and Concrete Canoe competitions. These events are a great way for aspiring engineers, of all types, to get hands-on learning experience in the design, building, and manufacturing processes.

Next on the list was the university’s chapter of Biomedical Engineering Society, an organization focused on providing their members with professional development opportunities. Their officers Rachel, and Angel excitedly spoke of their annual conference in October for which, they were currently preparing. Each year, they reunite with their fellow chapters to learn about current research, while networking with industry leaders.

Last, but certainly not least, were the Whitaker College of Engineering Advising Staff. This phenomenal group of women works hard every day to help young eaglets navigate through the university’s most challenging and prestigious academic program. These ladies go above and beyond to see that our aspiring engineers of all walks of life are well taken care of, from professionally to emotionally and beyond.

Story by Dan Ryan/Nevon Moore
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