How To Write An Article 

1. Create the Title (by asking your self what do you want to learn about right now)


2. Research the topic (identify the authority sites that can corroborate the data, grab important clips from the site, copy the URL of the source data, include in the article with a no follow link, repeat this several times until you have developed enough content)

Compose the article from the data


3. Locate or create the video (locate 3 videos on YOUTUBE that are titled the same as the or very similar to the article title above)

Create the video story board (this is very similar to a comic book) now write a narrative telling a story, shoot the video clips, photos, and create the graphics, Edit and copyright and publish the video on a HIGH PR VIDEO CHANNEL, establish the back links to rank the article and the website you are promoting)

4. Embed the video into the article

5. Tag the article with keywords so it can be found

6. Proof read the article

7. Publish the article

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