STEM@Work is a partnership between The Foundation for Lee County Public Schools and The School District of Lee County. STEM@Work students across Lee County worked in teams to design their best tennis-ball launching catapults Wednesday using the knowledge they've gained in science, technology, engineering and math during this past year.

There were 28 teams of about six students from the county's 13 high schools.  They were given PVC pipe, connectors, duct tape, rubber bands, a plastic cup, a ball and a standard piece of paper and set loose on the project in the courtyard next to the FGCU library. No one was given a ruler, but they were told the base couldn't be larger than 18 inches.  From there, it was trial and error.

Sue Roshon, retired Director of Career Education for the Lee County School District, was back to volunteer after being one of the  "original brainchildren"  to create the STEM program five years ago.
"I believe in the program," she said. "I believe our kids need to experience hands-on, real-world activities."

Shaw Development Special Projects Manager Tom Goettle  (who mingled among the students)  said "We need engineers, and it's hard to find engineers in this state with the right skill sets." "There's not a day goes by that everybody doesn't use math." 

"What a rewarding day it was! The end result of engaging our area businesses with our high schools students was a win/win for all!" says Marshall T. Bower, president and CEO of  The Foundation for Lee County Public Schools.

Photo is from another STEM activity held at FGCU "By trial and error, utilizing their knowledge of basic engineering and technology, and creativity, all of the students succeeded in creating a working catapult," Bower said. "This exercise allowed students to work together utilizing their critical thinking skills."

(See photo at left for another STEM activity held at FGCU)

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