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The halls were bustling, but not to the typical tune. Teachers, principals, administrators, superintendents, and counselors from grade schools all across the state flocked to FGCU’s U.A. Whitaker College of Engineering located in Holmes Hall for the University’s third consecutive Project Lead the Way (PLTW) State Conference. They listened to an assortment of orators and participated in collaborative discussions, in an effort to produce more efficient STEM curricula for their respective schools.

FGCU, being an affiliate University for PLTW, is responsible for hosting PLTW State Conferences and has provided teacher training for STEM teachers each summer for the past two years. Additionally, as a University with a reputable engineering program, there is a necessary exchange of information between the collegiate and grade school staff so that the two entities can provide a smooth pipeline for high school graduates to move through on their way into college STEM programs.

I had the privilege of meeting with The PLTW Director of School Engagement for the state of Florida, Lanny Wood. As the Director of School Engagement, Lanny played a major part in the execution of today’s event and had much to say about the organization. He explained how the development of STEM curricula for the k -12 levels is a major focus of this national nonprofit. In his own words, their end goal is “Empowering students to thrive in this world that is continuing to evolve, through the PLTW curriculum”.

With the program coming to an end and the attendees slowly filing out the door, he remarked how many new members had been in attendance and how encouraging it was to see so many instructors collaborate and realize that their dedication to student success is matched and supported by a network of like-minded individuals. The prospect of our future leaders has never been brighter.

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FGCU - Project Lead The Way

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