FGCU Engineering Students Test Steel

A material’s properties are of great importance to any engineering field. A material’s strength, hardness, and ductility are critical in deciding how and where materials should be used.

Dr. Villiers, Civil Engineering Professor, instructed students on how to use the Instron 5544A to test different materials (wood, aluminum and steel) and determine the properties based on modulus of elasticity, ultimate stress and rupture on a stress-strain curve graph.

The materials were placed on the machine and subjected to stress until the material broke or bent beyond reformation. After recording their results, the students then had to visit Mr. Chew (Lab Mgr) for a more hands-on approach to some of the materials.

Mr. Chew first gave the students an introduction to welding and welding techniques then gave a hands-on demonstration on his welding experience, he also showed examples of welding done on different materials from other welders. The students had to wear helmets to shield their eyes -- for students, this was an exciting experience.

Article courtesy of Julien Thomas/Nevon Moore
Video & Picture courtesy of Julien Thomas/Aaron Abboud

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