FGCU College of Engineering Hosts AWWA Model Water Tower Competition

The American Water Works Association is dedicated to providing clean and practical water supply around the world; naturally, efficient water towers fit directly into that category. Water towers are used to provide potable water or resources in case of a fire emergency. A lot of thought goes into the design of these towers: cost, efficiency, Hydraulic retention rate (or how quickly the water leaves the tower), design aesthetics, etc.

The high school students who took part in the competition were tasked with designing a creative water tower that meets standard requirements of materials, hydraulics and dimensions and were graded on such. FGCU engineering students aided in the filling and emptying of the water tanks, recording data as well as supervising the whole operation. Some of these designs were quite unique, like the Cola design tower.

The judging was done by an impressive panel of judges in the Florida engineering community; Dr. Richard Lewis, P.E., journalist and community specialist Pamela Hayford, Kim Hoskins, P.E., and our very own Dr. Villiers who was actively involved in this event. First and Second Place got $300 and $200 respectively, and Third Place got $100. These competitions are fun to watch but also challenge the young minds who may very well become engineers of the future.

Article courtesy of Julien Thomas/Nevon Moore
Photo & Video courtesy of Julien Thomas/Aaron Abboud

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